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Are Troubles Really for My Good?

Are the changes we experience really necessary for us to get with the program! Are you tried of how you are bombarded with hardships and yet some of your friends and those around you seems to be living on easy street. It seems as though God picks certain people to carry the burdens of this world and let's others slide by … [Read More...]

Anger And Worry Can Be Destructive

Did you ever find yourself in a situation that you knew was being represented in an untrue manner? You find yourself becoming angry and worrying over the lies and stories that are being told about you or someone else. Time is ebbing away, relationships are being destroyed, sadness is increasing and it appears that there is … [Read More...]

In His Time God Speaks

After a great visit with my parents, my daughter and I headed back home. My precious little one, gave her grandma and grandpa a day of excitement and unforgettable memories. She played and ran until the three of them became exhausted. Just as I was thinking about all the fun we had, I looked back to see how my daughter was … [Read More...]

A Spirit That Cannot Be Broken

Life can deliver very cold and bitter blows to its surroundings. Many times it comes in the form of heartache and deep sorrow. It can also produce heavy, burdensome struggles that are overwhelming and have the ability to break us down. When hard times come, we find ourselves struggling with such intense fear and loneliness, … [Read More...]

Seeing Sin As God Sees Sin

In the years that have followed my born again experience, my sin life revealed itself in ways I never saw at the first start of my faith walk in Christ Jesus. In fact, one thing I had become quite good at was seeing others sins and making a judgment call on them. God wanted me not to judge others but to first look into my … [Read More...]