A Spirit That Cannot Be Broken

A Spirit That Cannot Be BrokenLife can deliver very cold and bitter blows to its surroundings. Many times it comes in the form of heartache and deep sorrow. It can also produce heavy, burdensome struggles that are overwhelming and have the ability to break us down. When hard times come, we find ourselves struggling with such intense fear and loneliness, that only the help of others can reduce the load of anxiety we are carrying.

Friends comes in many forms. We find those that look at our circumstances and try to help us figure out a better and more effective way of dealing with it. Many times, their help comes from their own grid of understanding, which many times compounds the situation even more, and produces more confusion. There are others, who look at our circumstances and feel that we are making way too much of it. Their idea is, if we could just stop worrying, and see that it is probably happening for a good reason, it will all turn out for our best.

Then there are others who are sure you brought this upon yourself and want nothing to do with you or what you are dealing with. You discover the damages and loss you are experiencing have now only increased, and your need for comfort and help has diminished considerably. Then to top it all off, you have others around you that seem to always be happy, fulfilled, and have a life of ease.

Let me ask you, how do you respond to situations, speculations and human reasoning? How has your “strange” situation affected your faith? Do you have a spirit that cannot be broken?

I remember what seemed like an eternity ago, but is as real as if it were yesterday. The day was cold but strikingly beautiful. The trees were covered sheets of ice, glimmering like diamonds, and the earth was covered with a thick blanket of snow, sparkling and glistening in the sunlight. The street was quite and still; so still it was deafening to my ears. My soul had become as cold and lifeless as the day itself

In my despair and desperation I began crying out to the Lord, “I am going to be 40 years old Lord, will I ever be happy? Will I ever experience love like your Word describes? Will I live in this prison of hopelessness for the rest of my life?” I felt as through my spirit was broken and it was never to me mended again.

God spoke to my heart that day with these words, “Miriam look outside again. Look deep. Do you see the trees and bushes?” I answered, “Yes Lord, but everything seems so dead.” Again, the Lord spoke to me in His still quite voice, “The roots go deep and Spring will come again Miriam.” As I looked long and hard into what the Lord was telling me, I could see within my spirit what He was saying to me and I responded with, “Yes Lord, I understand.”

God with His loving and caring way, renewed my spirit that day. I never was given any hope in my situation by any visual means but God had given me enough seasons to understand that Spring would come again. I took by faith, that at sometime in my life, I would be restored and see my heart blossom into a new song. (Joel 2:25) How much of your own faith experience is hampered by an unwillingness to believe God?

Life is that way, it doesn’t always appear to be what we think it should be. God has a plan and a purpose for our life (Jeremiah 28: 11-13) and He uses the mess in our life to make it a message for others. God has given me a spirit that cannot be broken, and He has fulfilled His promise in my life; and Spring did come with showers of blessings. Do the pain and losses continue? Do the struggles and sorrow follow? I have experienced both the trials and the triumphs. My life is filled with color, beauty, and continuous pruning, lopping off the old and bringing forth the new. Jesus says in John 15:1-8, that He will remove anything that does not bear much fruit in those He loves.

God says it so well in Isaiah 40:31, “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” This beloved is A spirit that cannot be broken.

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