Anger And Worry Can Be Destructive

Anger And Worry Can Be DestructiveDid you ever find yourself in a situation that you knew was being represented in an untrue manner? You find yourself becoming angry and worrying over the lies and stories that are being told about you or someone else. Time is ebbing away, relationships are being destroyed, sadness is increasing and it appears that there is nothing you can do to stop the hideous atrocities that you see taking place.

You find yourself becoming angry and worrying, losing sleep, walking the floor, unable to focus, with waves of depression sweeping over you and pulling you down into a deep dark hole. Light has completely extinguished itself from your presence. You want to scream out for help but instead you find yourself withdrawing and sinking deeper into a pit of despair.

Anger and worry are two very destructive emotions. When we dwell on our problems, we become anxious and angry and eventually develop stinken thinken, foolish feelings and awful actions. This of course reveals a lack of faith that our God loves us and that He is indeed in control.

Psalms 37:8-9 says, “Refrain from anger and trun from wrath; do not fret – it leads only to evil. For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.” Therefore my beloved, concentrate on God and His goodness, and you will find a peace that passes all understanding.


  1. Thanks for this encouraging article, Miriam! It’s one that I really needed to hear right now. I’m writing that verse down so I can look at it when I begin to feel angry about my current situation. 🙂

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