A Spirit That Cannot Be Broken

Life can deliver very cold and bitter blows to its surroundings. Many times it comes in the form of heartache and deep sorrow. It can also produce heavy, burdensome struggles that are overwhelming and have the ability to break us down. When hard times come, we find ourselves struggling with such intense fear and loneliness, that only the help of others can reduce the load of anxiety we are carrying. Friends comes in many forms. We find those that look at our circumstances and try to help us figure out … [Read more...]

Failing At A Relationship Is No Reason To Quit

I have spent 36 years as God's workmanship, and it has been the most important relationship in my life. My spiritual journey has experienced both highs and lows. The most remarkable part of this statement for me, is that God expected me to be inconsistent in our relationship and fail over and over. He also has watched me have success and failures with other relationships as well. In examining this truth about me, I had to ask myself, Why would God even bother with me, knowing this? The answer is in … [Read more...]