Defending Those Who Need Help God’s Way

Defending Those Who Need Help God's WayWe are all built in different ways. Some of us are meek but willing, others are bold and daring. Then there are the bullies in this world that don’t care who they hurt or what they say to others. It takes God’s strength through each of us to confront bullies; people that are willing to step out no matter what the risks might be.

You might be called to this task, so get prayed up, and get yourself ready. Esther, a Jewish girl, who had become a queen to King Ahasuerus had to take some huge risks in order to help the Israelites. (Esther 4:15-5:4)

Ester asked for prayer from Mordecai, the Jews in Susa, and her maids to pray and fast with her. So reach out to others to pray and fast with you. God tells us about the importance of team work and the mighty results it can produce. (Ecclesiastes 4:9,12)

Esther went before the king, dressed in her royal robe, entering the court of the palace, touching the king’s outstretched scepter. Beloved don’t walk with your head down, but dress with confidence and humility, when you are called to take action.

King Ahasuerus asked Esther what she wanted. Esther calmly and confidently proceeded with a plan of action that involved both the king and Haman at a banquet. After God had prepared the heart of the king Esther took courage and spoke boldly for the Jews and against Haman. God is ready to use your words to defend other’s in their time of need. Don’t worry about what other’s might think about what you have to say, God’s says you do your part and He will take care of the results.

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