Miriam’s Passion

Miriam Miller - Bibilical AdvisorGod’s Workmanship was established with the hope and desire to bring the love of Jesus Christ to others. Miriam, after many years of learning how God’s truth can set you free from the lies of the devil, the lies of the world, and one’s own self deception and sin, she has chosen to share that truth with others.

Suffering family loss, sexual abuse, family substance abuse as a child and an adult, led Miriam to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Through that experience, Miriam turned to God’s Word which gave her the power and freedom to live a life of acceptance, security and significance in Him. Now with the tools God has equipped her with, her passion is to share with others what living for Him can do for you, and how God wants to take the mess of our life to make a message for Jesus Christ.

Miriam longs to impart the importance of understanding who you are in Him and how God truly sees you. She understands that this is the beginning of living a life of freedom and victory over trying to earn your worth in a world that is trying to do the same. She has learned without Jesus Christ and His truth it is a no-win situation. With that in mind she desires to help others find hope and purpose for their lives.

Over the years, God has provided Miriam with many opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and how His Word has been life-changing though out her life. God has used Miriam to take His Word and help others learn how to apply God’s principles for victorious living. Miriam has taught others that no matter where they have been or what they have done that God is able to give them hope and a purpose for their lives, and they can be transformed by the renewing of the Spirit of God.

Miriam was born in California in 1945 and moved to Illinois shortly thereafter. Miriam was saved at the age of 26 and began studying God’s Word with a hunger to know Him better. She graduated from Trinity College in Deerfield, Illinois with a B.A. Degree in Communications and Interpersonal Relationships. In addition to this, she studied with Verle L. Bell, M.D., pastor, counselor, a man who enriched her life with an understanding of how to apply the Word of God to every aspect of life.

Throughout the years, Miriam has served others through Biblical guidance, in applying God’s principles to their lives. In Workshops, concentrating on specific areas of one’s life. Through Resource Teaching, showing others practical ways to apply God’s Word to every aspect of their life. Retreats, focused teaching on specific topics. Bible Studies, giving others a clear definition of God’s Word. Banquets, speaking on issues vital to women. Women’s Conferences, equipping others with hope and purpose for their future and Support Groups, teaching other how God’s Word holds every answer for an individuals life.

Through all of these different opportunities, Miriam’s teaching has focused on the importance of becoming a doer of the Word through biblical guidance and her teaching ministry. God has led her to bring His hope and perspective to believers and not-believers. She has learned in God’s school of discipline and training that His opinion is the only opinion that counts for godly living. She shares with a vast number of people how to overcome the problems that invade our lives.

Miriam is still sharing and helping others while she is raising her 3 grandchildren with her husband Ron, of 40 years. Miriam understands that life continues to change and we must be ready to change with it. The principles that we learn throughout our lives are to be passed down from generation to generation. God has now given Miriam the opportunity to see that these young children of 5, 7, and 13 learn at an early age, how to apply the Word of God, in everyday circumstances. They also have 2 grown daughters and 6 lovely grandchildren of which they have 3. Ron and Miriam make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.