Spiritual Undertow

Spiritual UndertowSpiritual Undertow came to my mind,  as I was  talking to a woman the other day. She shared with me a conversation she had with her son about living free of addictions. The mother and son had both given their lives to Jesus Christ many years ago. One day the son was asking her, “Why are you the only one in the family that seems to have a peaceful and happy life?” After their visit, the mother began to ponder the question her son had asked her. After thinking about it, she realized that she had chosen to walk in God’s ways and not her own. And had she not been willing to submit to Jesus Christ on a daily basis, she would not have the “peace and happy” life her son recognized and referred to.

Welcome to God’s Workmanship. I’m Miriam Miller, and would like to speak to you on Spiritual Undertow.

We know an undertow is the undercurrent which flows in a different direction from the water’s surface. We also have heard that many deaths have occurred from people drowning as a result of this undercurrent. Swimmers have learned, that you never plunge into an undercurrent, but a fool will. The Spiritual undertow that swished away this mother’s son, was the fleshly desires in his life, the world and its pleasures, and the devil’s lies. The hidden danger in this case, is called alcoholism. It appeared innocent enough, and for some time brought him worldly acceptance, false security, and a foolish sense of significance. But again under the surface, there was the Spiritual undertow that pulled him down and swallowed him up.

Like all of God’s Workmanship, He is taking each of us out into the current of the liberty of freedom, which Jesus Christ offers us on a daily basis. The scripture expresses an exhortation for each of us in Galatians 5:7. Our God, who is full of Grace, is taking each one of us straight out into the ocean. Our job is to be mindful of the undercurrent, which comes in the form of the world’s attractions, our fleshly desires, and the devil’s lies as these have the power to pull us from obeying the truth.

God has designed each us to be dependent on Him, and has given us the Holy Spirit to see that we are successful in this endeavor. Our job as God’s workmanship is to do our part, and to rely on the Holy Spirit to be our Helper, Galatians 5:24-25. And like this man, who by his own choice, rejected the Holy Spirit’s help and got caught up in the hidden undercurrent. Praise the Lord, that he is now looking for answers of how to obtain this, peaceful and happy life. God has given us one another so that we might become interdependent and help each another in our time of need.

As God’s precious children, be alert and aware of the Spiritual undertow that can pull you back. Remember, God through His Son Jesus Christ, has set you free and given you the acceptance, security and significance, that you have been searching for all your life. Take time today to thank Him for the work He has done on your behalf, and flow out to sea, into the glorious liberty that only He can give you. And there, you will find the peace, and happiness that comes through an obedient life.

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