The Old Nature Vs. The New Nature

The Old Nature Vs. The New NatureWhen I became born again at the age of 26, I struggled for years with trying to understand the old nature (human nature) vs. the new nature (the holiness of Christ “In” us). So with that in mind, living for Jesus Christ, and displaying His attitude and disposition on a daily basis, was what I wanted to achieve more than anything in life. And yet I found myself repeatedly falling back into the old nature’s thinking, emotions and lifestyle.

Fortunately for me, God brought a few select Christians to help me understand what it means to be in the new nature, and yet at the same time continue to fall back into the old nature with all its imperfections revealing itself in my thoughts, words and actions. The truth is even though I am born again, my old nature remains the same, with its stinken thinken, foolish feelings and awful actions. It is up to me to yield my body parts to my new nature with its holiness, the holiness of Jesus Christ. The old habits that are so embedded in me, are well developed and established. It is my job to identify each and everyone of them and replace them with the opposite, godly habits established and given to us in God’s Word. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

My beloved, I am sure you are saying to yourself, “Putting off my old nature is easier said that done Miriam!” I agree with you 100%, but on the other hand we are not in this alone. Our new nature equips you and I with the ability and strength to do what is necessary to glorify God. if we are willing to give the Holy Spirit the room He needs to work, He will manifest Himself in you and me, and those looking on will see Him, Jesus Christ by your words, and actions. (Romans 6:12-13)

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